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Causes and results of the disaster occurred in Mestiachala basin

Author: Ana Chartolani
supervisor: Giorgi Dvalashvili
Keywords: Mestiachala basin, rocky mass

Some new data about Andria Benashvili’s work: after archive materials

Author: Dali Nikolaishvili
Keywords: Andria Benashvili, Historical Geography, Physical observatory of Georgia, Institute of Geography.

Agrotouristic potential of Georgia

Author: tamar tefnadze
supervisor: Dali nikolaishvili
Keywords: agrotourizm, potential, factors, tourism

The morphological-morphometric analysis of Sun systems bodies by using the comparative-decriptive method

Author: Tsetsilia Donadze
Keywords: Planetology, Archimedes, gravitation, Sun wind

Georgian toponymy of Gurgistan Vilayet

Author: ani sherozia
supervisor: Dali nikolaishvili
Keywords: Gurgistan, Vilayet, toponyms, The Great Account, a toponymic

Methodological Approach of Mudflow Processes’ Classification

Author: Tinatin Nanobashvili
Keywords: Mudflow Processes, Genesis, Results, Classification

Concept about time scale and its communication with scales of space and contents

Author: Tengiz Gordeziani
Keywords: Space, time, scale

Georgian orographic units according to municipalities

Author: Giorgi Dvalashvili
Keywords: Relief, Mount, Pass, Caucasus

Use modern achievements in geoinformatics processing of the results of stationary surveys

Author: neli jamaspashvili
Co-authors: N.N. Beruchashvili, L. Beruchashvili
Keywords: landscape, ecological, geoinformation

Renewable energy potential in Samtskhe - Javakheti region

Author: Tea Eradze
supervisor: Mariam Elizbarashvili
Keywords: renewable energy

Westerwald-lahn-taunus national geopark

Author: Tamar Chichinadze
supervisor: Dali Nikolaishvili
Keywords: Geopark, Geology, Population, Tourism

St. Geographical and cartographic analysis of the land plot Tbilisi

Author: mariam gagoshashvili
supervisor: Tengiz Gordeziani
Keywords: Land plot, cartographic analysis, agro-climatic analysis.

Cartographic aspects of wine growing and wine making in Georgia

Author: Manana Sharashenidze
Co-authors: Tengiz Gordeziani
Keywords: winemaking, wine growing, mapping

Desertification, as a process, its possible demeanor on the Eldari lowland (Georgia, The Caucasus) and some theoretical issues of remote sensing technique related to it

Author: Bagrat Kikvadze
supervisor: Roman Maisuradze
Keywords: Desertification, Eldari lowland, Remote sensing

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