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Georgian orographic units according to municipalities

Author: Giorgi Dvalashvili
Keywords: Relief, Mount, Pass, Caucasus

During survey of Georgian orographic units, assessing relief forms (rides, highlands, caves, etc.) were measured by individual municipalities as well as regional units. Rhythms, valleys, lowlands, valleys, etc. At the description of geographical objects, the position, size (length, area, height, depth, etc.), surface shapes and slopes are determined by their strokes. During various activities, including production, road and others. At the design stage, it is necessary to study the area with an oorlogically thorough study. During the study of the Orographic units, the higher and lowest points of the various municipalities and regional regions, the administrative boundaries of the municipal departments on separate orographic units, specify the absolute height of several peaks, and the exact coordinates of the peaks of the recent period were also specified. The highest elevation in the individual municipality is the height of the sea level as well as the relative heights. Extracted materials are used in municipal reference booklets, as well as marking new tourist routes. Orographic names are specified by considering the spelling dictionary of geographical names of Georgia, often the orographic units are mentioned by several names, the name is considered by the most comprehensive version.

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Georgian orographic units according to municipalities [en]
საქართველოს ოროგრაფიული ერთეულების შეფასება მუნიციპალიტეტების მიხედვით [ka]

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