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Desertification, as a process, its possible demeanor on the Eldari lowland (Georgia, The Caucasus) and some theoretical issues of remote sensing technique related to it

Author: Bagrat Kikvadze
Keywords: Desertification, Eldari lowland, Remote sensing

The work discusses the quiddity of desertification (an academic concept and a process with antropogenic genesis) including presented general characteristics of its physical nature and the importance of desertification for the world. The importance and actuality of researching desertification as an increasing anthropogenic process have been highlighted. Eldari lowland (one of the driest and untrodden areas in the south-east of Georgia as well as the only physical-geographical unit (although semi-desert cenosis are fragmented sporadically on the Kvemo Kartli lowland, especially on its eastern complier – Gardabani lowland, they can be found even in Tbilisi vicinity)where the classical semi-desert is presented in a uniform and continuous natural zone) has been identified as one of the most vulnerable region with the highest level of risk. It is shown that the natural indicators of the possible process of desertification on the Eldari lowland with the complete scientific basis could have been in situ studies of the climatic parameters, vegetation cover and soil ambush. However, since nowadays it is not even possible to adequately register as the perennial perambulation of the climatic parameters, as well as conduct complex research especially through time dynamics, we can successfully use remote sensing technique, as a research method. In this case subjects of remote sensing, as a methodology to determine desertification’s possible processes ongoing on the Eldari lowland, are represented by analyzing indexes, as a descriptive quantitative-qualitative indicators of vegetation cover (edificators of desertification’s possible process). Three indexes from the multispectral class have been analysed including NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), SAVI (Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index) and EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index). As a conclusion, the work presented has tried to establish both some theoretical and to some extent methodological instruction in terms of studying desertification’s possible processes ongoing on the Eldari lowland by using remote sensing technique.

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