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Renewable energy potential in Samtskhe - Javakheti region

Author: Tea Eradze
Keywords: renewable energy

Renewable energy and its assimilation is very important business in the world. A lot of countries trying reduce greenhouse emissions in the world. Renewable energy is water, solar, windy energy and biomass. Georgia has big potentials of renewable energy, and important part of this resursees is not assimilate. Countries in the world endeavour use max energy which gifted us the nature. Georgia tries also use world experience on this side and develop this topic. Utilization of water energy started in XX century in our country. Guaranteeing of electric is important depends of hydro resources of Georgia. Is important to mark, there is considerable changing of building area and around territory relief , microclimate, flora, fauna in building process of hydro-electric power station and exploitation time. There is vulnerable fauna in windy power station exploitation time. Consumption on right way of renewable energy is very important for developing countries. It helps to develop of economic and reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

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