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Creating unipolar voltage-ampere characteristic Memristors using nitrides.

Author: Revazi Kobaidze
Co-authors: Baqar Duadze,Givi Sixarulidze,Amiran Bibilashvili
supervisor: Amiran Bibilashvili
Keywords: Memristor, Nitride

Unusual magnetism in semiconducting 2D molybdenum dichalcogenides

Author: Alexander Shengelaya
Co-authors: Zurab Guguchia

Magnetism of Materials

Author: Zviadi Zarkua
supervisor: prof. Alexander Shengenaya
Keywords: magnetism, hysteresis, domain structure, Ferromagnetism

Unusual conductivity in Ga2O3 thin film

Author: Tinatin Tsiskaridze
Co-authors: Bachana Beradze, Ekaterine Chikoidze
supervisor: Tamar Tchelidze
Keywords: charge concentartion, increase of electrons mobilityd, surface electric field, triangular well

The Quantum Hall Effect in Low-dimensional Solid State Structures

supervisor: Amiran Bibilashvili

Syntethis of LSCO high-temperature superconductor using photostimulated Solid State reaction, it's properties and research

Author: Tornike Tchabukiani
supervisor: Alexander Shengelaya
Keywords: LSCO, Superconductor, High-Temperature Supeconductor, photostimulated solid state reaction

Research and development of micro and nano materials

Author: Amiran Bibilashvili
Co-authors: Z.Kushitashvili, Z.Jibuti, L.Jibuti
Keywords: Plasma, UV, Oxide, Nitride

The Phenomenon of Superconductivity

Author: Grigol Taniashvili
supervisor: Alexander Shengelaya

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