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Syntethis of LSCO high-temperature superconductor using photostimulated Solid State reaction, it's properties and research

Author: Tornike Tchabukiani
Keywords: LSCO, Superconductor, High-Temperature Supeconductor, photostimulated solid state reaction

The synthesis of high-temperature superconductors, their investigation and application is one of the most important directions of modern science and technology. Today high-temperature superconductors are usually obtained through solid state reactions. This method implies continuous (for tens or hundreds of hours) heating of reactants in powder form at high temperatures (800-1200 0C) in furnace. This process consumes a lot of time and energy, which increases product costs. Moreover, during the long-term high temperature synthesis some of the components evaporate, which leads to change in stoichiometry. Further, high-temperature treatment causes oxygen deficiency in obtained materials and additional processing stage must be carried out to restore oxygen content for some oxygen-content sensitive compounds. In this work it is discussed to develop new technology of photostimulated solid state synthesis of high-temperature superconductors. This technology will reduce the synthesis duration by approximately three orders of magnitude, energy consumption and will minimize the negative effects which accompanying lengthy thermal processing. The technology is based on the principle of intensive pulse photon irradiation of basic reactants in a broad spectral range from infrared to ultraviolet. The influence of photon spectral distribution, duration and geometry of irradiation exposure, heating temperature and additive effects on major physical characteristics of synthesized materials (superconducting transition temperature, critical current, sample homogeneity, phase composition, etc.) will be studied. Optimal regimes for synthesis of high-temperature superconducting materials and corresponding technological routes (the manner, regimes and order of technological operations) will be established. Drastic reduction of synthesis time and energy can lead to substantial decrease of high-temperature superconducting materials production costs. Specifically, in this section of the work will be discussed about synthesis of La2-xSrxCuO4(LSCO) and the results of the research.

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LSCO მაღალტემპერატურული ზეგამტარის მიღება ფოტოსტიმულირებული მეთოდით და მისი თვისებების კვლევა [ka]

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