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Stem Cell - The Source of "Eternal Life"

Author: Tekla Tevzadze
supervisor: Ioseb Chikvaidze, Shota Samsonya
Keywords: Stem, Cell, Therapy, Treatment

Transformations and research of dipyrrolobenzoquinoxaline and dipyrrolonaphtodiazepine nuclear containing fisher base bis-analogues

Author: sophiko kvinikadze
supervisor: Shota samsonia, Marina trapaidze
Keywords: Dipyrrolonaphthodiazepine, Fishers base, Dipyrrolobenzoquinoxaline, Photochromism Bis-spiropyrans

Synthesis and properties of pyrroloindoles, indoloindoles and adamantane containing new compounds

Author: shota samsonia
Keywords: Pyrroloindoles, Indoloindoles, Peptides.

molecular gastronomy

Author: Tekla Tevzadze
supervisor: Ioseb Chikvaidze, Shota Samsonya
Keywords: molecular gastronomy

Synthesis of 2-((4-(1H-indol-2-yl)phenyl)amino)thiazol-4(5H)-oneas a potential pharmaceutical structure

Author: Elene Katsadze
Keywords: Indole, Thyazole

სინთეზური გარდაქმნები დიპიროლონაფთო[1,4]დიაზეპინის ბაზაზე

Author: Marina Trapaidze
Co-authors: Sophiko Kvinikadze
Keywords: naphthodiazepine, Fischer Base, nitrosatoin, bis-spiropyrane

Research in the field of synthesis of new indole containing heterocyclic systems and their derivatives

Author: Ioseb Chikvaidze
Keywords: indole, quinoxaline, pyrroloindole

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