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molecular gastronomy

Author: Tekla Tevzadze
Keywords: molecular gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking. Its program includes three areas, as cooking was recognized to have three components: social, artistic, and technical. Molecular cuisine is a modern style of cooking, and takes advantage of many technical innovations from the scientific disciplines. The discipline enables to expand the limits of creativity by modifying the appearance and texture of food. Thanks to some basic techniques, It is effortless to learn how to convert liquids into a mousse or how to create flavorful pearls that will explode in mouth. Behind spaghetti made with arugula or Champagne caviar, there are simple and very accessible techniques. There is established the processes of gelling, spherification, emulsification, powdering, and even siphon pressuring.

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