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Transformations and research of dipyrrolobenzoquinoxaline and dipyrrolonaphtodiazepine nuclear containing fisher base bis-analogues

Author: sophiko kvinikadze
Keywords: Dipyrrolonaphthodiazepine, Fishers base, Dipyrrolobenzoquinoxaline, Photochromism Bis-spiropyrans

In parallel to the scientific and technical achievements, the increased ecological problems, together with polluted environment and unhealthy food greatly impact on human health. The creation of new, more efficient and less toxic drugs are one of the main tasks of the modern chemical and pharmaceutical research. The world experience points to the fact that the most part of the active ingredients of medicinal products belong to heterocyclic compounds. It is interesting the combination of two or more different heterocyclic fragments in one molecule that enables the creation of new substrates with a wide range of physiological activity. For the purpose of searching new photochromic and at the same time, biologically active compounds, firstly, the new basal compounds-so called fisher base bis-analogues were synthesized on a base of benzopyrrole[3,2-g]Indole.They are reactivity compounds, their molecules contain quinoxaline and diazepine nuclei interesting in terms of biological activity. The compounds containing quinoxaline and diazepine nuclei are psychoactive substances that impact on the central nervous system. Dipyrollonaphtodiazepine methyl base because of multilateral reaction ability is extremely interesting and perspective in future, in the field of synthesis of wide spectrum biologically active compounds. The proposed work is to produce new bis-spiropyrans on a base of fisher base bis-analoguesdipyrrolonaphtodiazepine and dipyrrolobenzoquinoxaline. Conditions of a synthesis of concrete compound will be developed. Spectrometric research of synthesized new compounds will be carried out. Their presumed bioactivity will be studied by PASS Online program which through the structure enables to make sense what type of bio-activity can be characteristic for the samples. Chromatoraphycally pure samples will be developed to study photochromic properties of synthesized bis-spiropyrans for UV-spectrum research. The study of their properties is perspective as for the synthesis of new biologically active compounds, as well as for the search of new bis-spiropyrans with improved photochromic properties.

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