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Subsurface targets detection using EM sensors

Author: David Kakulia
Co-authors: D. Kakulia, L. Shoshiashvili, A.Lomia, I. Shamatava, G. Popov
Keywords: Electromagnetic induction, Eddy currents, Plastic mines, Method of auxiliary sources

Establishment and testing of the power system for ELF TSU Net station.

Author: revaz kereselidze

Solenoid Inductance Calculation

Author: Teona Jobava

Review of high voltage battery cells system in modern electric and hybrid cars

Author: Giorgi Kapanadze

Validation of the Circuit Wideband Model Accuracy for Toroidal Inductors

Author: Mariam Oragvelidze
supervisor: Anna Gheonjian
Keywords: Toroidal inductors, EMC Modeling, Circuit model

Tbilisi State University Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Research Net (ELFTSU Net): Earthquake Triggering and Synchronization Concept for the Net Operation

Author: Mariam Oragvelidze
supervisor: Lev Geonjian
Keywords: self-organized criticality; parametric modulation; critical state monitoring; earthquake precursors;

vehicle to vehicle connection

Author: Davit Imnadze
supervisor: Anna Gheonjian

Modeling of a high-frequency amplifier on the LdmoST PD84008 (STMicroelectronics) transistor and the study of the influence of parasitic parameters of elements.

Author: Badri Khvitia
Keywords: High-frequency amplifier, modeling.

Operational Principle of the HV three-phase Hall Sensor Motor and Inverter Using IGBT Transistor

Author: Zviad kutchadze
Co-authors: Zviad Kutchadze1,2,Anna Gheonjian1,2, Diana Eremyan,1,2, Badri Khvitia1,2,Roman Jobava1,2
supervisor: Roman jobava
Keywords: IGBT, Inverter

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