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Tbilisi State University Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Research Net (ELFTSU Net): Earthquake Triggering and Synchronization Concept for the Net Operation

Author: Mariam Oragvelidze
Keywords: self-organized criticality; parametric modulation; critical state monitoring; earthquake precursors;

we represent the laboratory model supporting the scientific concept of Tbilisi State University ELF monitoring net creation initiative. The project concerns the consistent development of a dense ELF network for Caucasus and Anatolian-Iranian Plateau tectonic faults system to observe the critical state of some physical variables before and after of accumulated tectonic energy discharge in earthquake form. The main characteristics of the Earth's seismic process show that earthquakes should be attributed to phenomena of self-organizing criticality. In accordance with this representation, an earthquake, or the energy discharge of fault, is an unpredictable phenomenon determined by entire system development. But luni-solar tension modulation synchronizes the triggering moments. Earthquake statistics of Caucasus demonstrates that discharge favorable time intervals are computable. One can try to predict earthquakes occurrence probability and power if monitors the evolution and critical state of some physical variables of the system. This indicates the existence of a class of phenomena of self-organized criticality with parametric modulation of criticality conditions. This class of phenomena should be investigated on the laboratory model. This model can serve as a basis for creating an idea of partial predictability of self-criticality. We represent the model and the results of criticality parametric modulation experiments.

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