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Modeling of a high-frequency amplifier on the LdmoST PD84008 (STMicroelectronics) transistor and the study of the influence of parasitic parameters of elements.

Author: Badri Khvitia
Keywords: High-frequency amplifier, modeling.

High-frequency amplifiers are key building blocks in any communication system. In a receiver the weak incoming signal needs to be amplified to a sufficiently large value so that it can be detected or digitized. On the transmit side, the signal amplitude needs to be large enough for long-range transmission through free space or cables. While designing such amplifiers, especially for powerful transistors, which have large internal structural capacitances, we encounter problems that are caused by the interaction of the parasitic external inductances with these capacitances and the resonant events. The same resonances of high frequencies we observe in the capacitors, inductors, and in the PCB. The paper shows how these problems affect the performance of the amplifier, via modeling. We present the example of the amplifier with LdmoST PD84008 transistor.

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