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Operational Principle of the HV three-phase Hall Sensor Motor and Inverter Using IGBT Transistor

Author: Zviad kutchadze
Co-authors: Zviad Kutchadze1,2,Anna Gheonjian1,2, Diana Eremyan,1,2, Badri Khvitia1,2,Roman Jobava1,2
Keywords: IGBT, Inverter

Since 2006 most of the developed countries have decided that the main part of the manufactured car should be electrical. The world actively started researches and development in this direction despite the threat of pollution with electromagnetic fields. Special commissions have developed the electromagnetic radiation standards for specific frequency ranges to prevent possible health problems caused by irradiation for consumers. The modeling of high-voltage engines and inverters was also actively launched in order to make the full analysis of the system, the problems of electromagnetic compatibility are still relevant and each small schematic change needs further researches.

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