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On Software Architecture for Measuring Device Applicable in Medicine Based on Scanning Microcalorimeter Example

Author: Manana Khachidze
Co-authors: Maia Archuadze, Magda Tsintsadze, Davit Khachidze
Keywords: Measuring Device, Software

Case based methods for assessing the learning and knowledge in ICT literacy

Author: Maia Archuadze
Co-authors: M.Khachidze, M.Tsintsadze, G.Besiashvili
Keywords: ICT Literacy, Learning methods, Case based methods

On Intelligent Character Recognition for Georgian Handwriting

Author: Magda Tsintsadze
Co-authors: M.Khachidze, M.Archuadze
Keywords: Machine learning, data processing, OCR, ICR

TSU Community

Author: Sopio Vardidze
Co-authors: Vaja Dzneladze Dato Marjanidze Sopio Vardidze
supervisor: Magda Tsintsadze
Keywords: student lecturer to inform

Computer Science in Georgian Schools

Author: Natia Chubinidze
Co-authors: Sophiko Tsiklauri, Nika Julakidze, Simon Melkonian, Stepan Evajian
supervisor: Maia Archuadze
Keywords: Computer Science, School, Scratch, 'Scretech'

The Multi-Criteria Assessment Expert Method used in the Ideas Management Intellectual System “GeoIdeametrik”

Author: Julieta Gagloshvili
Keywords: Kay words: „GeoIdeametrik “, Intellectual System, Management of Innovation Ideas, Idea management technology, Group Decision Making System

Beginner's Job Finding Support System

Author: Avtandil Ushikishvili
Co-authors: David Lomsadze, Tamazi Sepiashvili, Saba Kochiashvili
supervisor: Manana Khachidze

Test analysis and fake information detection

Author: Gurami Asanishvili
supervisor: Manana Khachidze
Keywords: Test analysis, Fake information detection, Data analysis

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