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Test analysis and fake information detection

Author: Gurami Asanishvili
Keywords: Test analysis, Fake information detection, Data analysis

Internet and social networks development caused a person's dependence on information and on sources of information, with their help, we learn the news, buys groceries, plans a trip and so on. Unfortunately it has a lot of goodness that helps a person in life and a denial side. The last time it has become difficult to distinguish between pravdivie and false information from each other. A lot of false information causes an impact on society and try to use them for non-sour purposes. The purpose of this article is to understand the problem that causes false information, our task is to find a way to deal with this problem, so that we could detect and prevent fake information.

Lecture files:

ტექსტის ანალიზი და ყალბი ინფორმაციის აღმოჩენა [ka]

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