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On the interpretation of the solution second order Fuchsian system

Author: Gia Giorgadze
Keywords: Fuchsian differential equation, Coulomb potential

On the integrability of the Euler-Poisson equation

Author: Otari Jokhadze

higher order nonlinear difference equations

Author: natia khachidze
supervisor: roman koplatadze

Differential equations with delay: mathematical models, well-posedness of the Canchy problem

Author: medea iordanishvili
supervisor: Tamaz Tadumadze
Keywords: Differential equation with delay, well-posedness

On Higher Order Generalized Linear Differential Equations with Deviating Argument

Author: roman koplatadze


Author: Medea Tsaava
supervisor: Roland Duduchava

Computational Aspects of Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping

Author: giorgi kakulashvili
supervisor: gia giorgadze
Keywords: Schwarz–Christoffel, conformal mapping, Computational Aspects

Optimal control problem with discontinuous initial condition and several constant delays

Author: Tea Shavadze
supervisor: Tamaz Tadumadze
Keywords: Optimal control problem, delay, discontinuous initial condition

“di - knife” and the Process of Cutting of GRT(m.n) Bodies

Author: Ilia Tavkhelidze
Co-authors: Johan Gielis (Belgium)
Keywords: Generalized Rotated and Twisted bodies, di-knife

Continuity of functional minimum of the nonlinear optimal problem and its applications

Author: Tamaz Tadumadze
Keywords: Optimal problem, continuity of functional minimum.

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