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Differential equations with delay: mathematical models, well-posedness of the Canchy problem

Author: medea iordanishvili
Keywords: Differential equation with delay, well-posedness

In the work, the three type of differential models are considered taking into account the factor of delay. For nonlinear differential equation with the constant delay in the phase coordinates and with the discontinuous initial condition well-posedness theorems of the Cauchy problem are provided with respect to perturbations of the initial data and the right-hand side of equation. Under initial data we imply the collection of the initial moment, initial function and vector and it is small in the standard norm. The right-hand of equation is small in the integral sense. Analogous theorems are given for the controlled delay differential equation.

Lecture files:

დაგვიანებულ არგუმენტიანი დიფერენციალური განტოლებები: მათემატიკური მოდელები, კოშის ამოცანის კორექტულობა [ka]

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