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Computational Aspects of Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping

Author: giorgi kakulashvili
Keywords: Schwarz–Christoffel, conformal mapping, Computational Aspects

By Schwarz–Christoffel mapping, we can conformally map area, with complex contour to a area, with bounded polygonal contour. The mapping constuction contains parameters, which in general are very complicated for calculations and remain undefined. This problem is also known as Schwarz–Christoffel Parametric Problem. In the Article will be offered one possible solution for the problem and its multifaceted applications can be used for different electronic characteristics of electronic circuits. The method of solving the boundary tasks of the elliptical equation will also can be considered.

Lecture files:

შვარც-კრისტოფელის ასახვების გამოთვლითი ასპექტები [ka]

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