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Ultrasound and its use in medicine

Author: tamar edzgveradze
supervisor: tamaz mdzinarashvili
Keywords: Ultrasound, medicine

DNA polymorphism and physical characteristics

Author: Giulbakhar Kasumova
Keywords: DNA; structural features ;

Biophysics of vision mechanisms

Author: Sophiko Nodia


Author: Giorgi Shengelia
supervisor: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili, Nino Shengelia
Keywords: Bacteriophages, Lysic cycle, Lysogenic cycle

Create new genetic vectors from PLGA and PAMAM dendrimer nanoparticles. Physical studies.

Author: Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Co-authors: Khvedelidze M., Shekiladze E., Lomadze E., Shengelia N.
Keywords: PLGA; PAMAM G4 dendrimers; complex with DNA.

Model of drug delivery nanoparticle DPPC and vitamin E complex

Author: lasha dalakishvili
Co-authors: Salome Gogichaishvili
supervisor: Full professor Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Keywords: DPPC, Vitamin E, complex model

Study of changes of the physical-chemical and microbiological parameters under extending fresh meat shelf life by cooling

Author: Zurab Kuchukashvili
Co-authors: Ilia Gorozia, Ketevan Panchvidze, Masho Panchvidze, Tamuna Mindorashvili, Maka Lemonjava
Keywords: raw meat, shelf life, antioxidants, organic acids

Voltamperometric manifestations of coherent multiple electron exchange by the gold-deposited sub-nanometer-thick bilayered quasi-excitonic films kept in contact with the electrolytic environments

Author: Dimitri Khoshtariya
Co-authors: Tinatin D. Dolidze, Nikoloz Nioradze, Mikhael Shushanyan
Keywords: Gold deposited self-assembled nano-systems, Hybrid layers composed of L-cysteines and copper ions, Coherent transfers of multiple electrons, Ultra-narrow voltammetric curves, Spin-implicated exchanges, Boson condensation

extraordinary narrow voltammetry signals

Author: lasha laliashvili
supervisor: Dimitri Khoshtaryia
Keywords: charge, peak

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