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Reaction Condensation of Monosaccharides with p-Aminobenzoic Acid Ethyl Esters (anesthesin) and 4-Nitroaniline

Author: Neli Sidamonidze
Co-authors: Rusudan Vardiashvili, Maia Nutsubidze
Keywords: carbohydrates, biological activitys, nitroso (N=O) group, condensation

Synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives and studyof their biological activityis an important process for disease prevention. Especially, carbohydrate scontaining nitrosogroup,because theyhavean effectof vasodilator; Theyplay an important role in theprocess of apoptosisandcell proliferation. Also, carbohydrate derivatives containing nitrosogroup participates in the functioningof the immune system and nervous system. The goal of present investigation consist in synthesis of N-glycosilamines containing in a Molecule nitrosogroup (N=O). Аsаn initial substance in the given work has been used the products of condensation of D-mannoze and L-ramnoze from p-aminobensoic acids ethylesters - β– N-(p-aminobenzoic acids ethylesteryl)-D–mannopyranozylamine (1), β–N-(p-aminobenzoic acids ethylesteryl)-L–ramnopyranozylamine and products of condensation of D-glucose and L-ramnoze from 4-nitroanilyne - β–N–(4-nitrophenyl)-D- glucopyranozylamine (3) და β–N-(4-nitrophenyl)-L– ramnopyranozylamine (4). By interaction of compounds (1,2,3,4) with sodium nitrite corresponding nitroso-derivatives (5,6,7, 8,) has been received. The structures of obtained compounds were established by physical-chemical methods of analysis.

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