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Designing of Solar and wind power supply system for ELF TSU Net Station

Author: Pavle Tsotskolauri
Keywords: Alternate Energy, Solar Panel, Wind Generator, Autonomous Power Supply System

Goal of report is to introduce unified power supply system which consists solar panels and wind generator. Purpose of this system is to provide power supply to “Tbilisi State University Extremely Low Frequency Radiation Research Station (ELFTSU Net)” for field operations. Technical Task and its justification of decisions is created with “Idealized Design” method. Unique about this system is that this is unified modular structure which can be used by various scientific and consumer purposes.

Lecture files:

Designing of Solar and Wind Power Supply System for ELF TSU Net Station [en]
ენერგო სისტემის პროექტირება ELF TSU Net სადგურისთვის [ka]

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