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Actually issues of development of protected areas for the central Caucasus

Author: laura kavelidze
Keywords: central Caucasus, Protected areas, Ecological problems

Abstract In this work the subject of research is the importance and development of existing and planned protected areas in the Central Caucasus. The mountainous region of Caucasus is one of the sensitive areas for geodynamic processes, natural ecosystems, as well as demographic and economic problems. Actuality of this issue is derived from the anthropogenic influence of the Caucasus. Whis is expressed in cutting of tree, biodiversity reduction. Cultural and architeqtural monuments, especially the ecosystems are causing a boom in the area of the hydroelectric power station in the region. It is clear that energy independence is a priority issue for the economic development of the country, but it must be taken to minimize existing risks. I believe that the current ecological situation in the country requires a rational and thoughtful action of the human genome to protect the existing genome. The protected area is of particular importance in maintaining the biological diversity, natural resources and cultural phenomena involved in natural environments, which is a significant land area or water area protected and managed on a long and sustainable basis. The number and area of protected areas in Georgia is not enough to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. In addition, it has been revealed that the deficiencies contained in the legislation. The construction of HPPs started in Racha-Lechkhumi and Svaneti regions creates a problem for all national parks to be developed Year "Emerald Network", which will eventually begin by 2020. Its formation is included in the priorities of the "Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan" document of Georgia's environmental policy. I think one of the best ways to solve such ecological problems is to create protected areas, improve the existing system and expand it. Improve legislative system. The processing of literature, reports and action plans has revealed the importance of creation of protected reas for the hight mountain regions to address demographic and economic problems more or less. Events planned by the state can be regarded as a step towards expanding the protected areas. According to the Action Plan, their area should be increased by up to 12%, for which new protected areas are planned. For example, Aragvi and Truso protected landscapes, Racha National Park. For the first time the biosphere reserve is created.

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