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Thermoelastic enhancement of the magnonic spin Seebeck effect

Author: Zaza Toklikishvili
Co-authors: L. Chotorlishvili, X.-G. Wang, J. Berakdar
Keywords: spin Seebeck effect, deformation tensor

A nonuniform temperature profile may generate a pure spin current in magnetic films, as observed, for instance, in the spin Seebeck effect. In addition, thermally induced elastic deformations may set in that could affect the spin current. A self-consistent theory of the magnonic spin Seebeck effect including thermally activated magnetoelastic effects is presented, and analytical expressions for the thermally activated deformation tensor and dispersion relations for coupled magnetoelastic modes are obtained. We observe that a thermoelastic steady-state deformation may lead to both an enchantment and a reduction of the gap in the magnonic spectrum. The reduction of the gap increases the number of magnons contributing to the spin Seebeck effect and offers new possibilities for the thermoelastic control of the spin Seebeck effect.

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