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Characteristic changes of electrical activity of feeding neurons of the central nervous system of the pond snail when creating state of satiety

Author: Magda Alania
Keywords: Feeding neurons, electrical activity, satiety

Investigation of behavioral effects of Quercetin-loaded iron oxide nanoparticles in rats

Author: tamar qimeridze
Co-authors: M. Kurasbediani, B. ChkhartiSvili, N. Doreulee
supervisor: N. Doreulee, B. Chkhartishvili
Keywords: Magnetic field, iron oxide nanoparticles, quercetin, behavior

Identification of Quercetin-loaded iron oxide nanoparticles in the hippocampus under unilateral magnetic field exposure condition

Author: tamari peikrishvili
Co-authors: M. Kurasbediani, R. Bukia, N. Doreulee
supervisor: N. Doreulee, R. Bukia
Keywords: Quercetin, iron nanoparticles, magnetic field, hippocampus, slices

Influence of magnetic field - driven Quercetin-loaded iron nanoparticles (QINP) on behavioral parameters of rats

Author: Butsiko Chkhartishvili
Co-authors: T. Khimeridze, M. Kurasbediani, N. Doreulee
Keywords: quercetin, magnetic field, iron oxide nanoparticles, behavior, rats

Influence of Quercetin-loaded magnetic nanoparticles(Q-MNP) on epileptiform activity induced by intrahippocampal injection of kainic acid in CA1 field of the hippocampus.

Author: Nanuli Doreulee
Co-authors: M. Kurasbediani, M. Chikovani, R. Bukia, B. Partsvania
Keywords: Quercetin, nanoparticles, magnetic field, hippocampus, epilepsy

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