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robot asistent

Author: giorgi lomde
Keywords: robot asistent, control with camera, control with voice

Within the framework of the project was created the prototype of robot so called “The Third Hand”. On the basis of the voice command It would help the engineer in the practical work and make his work more comfortable. The first function is to move the position of “The Third Hand” by the voice command ( turn it back, right or left) to provide desired position for required detail. The next function is to find commanded subject by means of camera and provide it to us after the voice command. The system consists of a personal computer, video camera, microcontroller and engines that run a mechanical robotic arm. The first results of constructing process are presented. Further development of the robot has already been planned. We are going to add it some extra ability , such as decision making skill. In the course of the report a demo version will be presented.

Lecture files:

jarvis [en]
რობოტ ასისტენტი [ka]

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